05 January 2010

Helsinki: Season of Light 2

Helsinki: Season of Light 1

A freezing night in January. -20 degrees, the strange looking cloud is
actually steam coming from the hot water plant nearby.

18 March 2009

Warsaw: Curious goings on

This gentleman (apparently it turns out he's a professor at the University) came up to me and wanted me to take his picture while pointing at this guy juggling fire - and email him the result. I was duty bound and carried out the request ;)

Warsaw: Palace of Culture

A gift to the Polish people by Stalin, it was completed after Stalin could see his efforts. Apparently forced labour built it, it has 3000+ rooms and Breshnev visited it in his heyday. You can visit a viewing platform at the top (until 6pm...)

Warsaw: Old Town Square

Not strictly low light but the reflections on the windows were eye catching