24 December 2008

Christmas in Toronto

Cosy lights on an extremely cold night.

Through the glass floor

This was shot by laying the camera on the glass floor. It was as terrifying as it looks.

Toronto City View

A view of the city from the CN Tower. Difficult to get a good shot, the reflections from the wall behind always showed up!

A cold cold night

It was as cold as it looked. Approaching -15 at the time.

Downtown Toronto

An atmospheric bar in downtown Toronto, Canada

29 March 2008

Hong Kong City Park

Tranquility in amongst the high rise buildings.

Hong Kong City - Busy street at night

Yes, it probably is one of the noisiest cities on the planet but its due to the buses which seem to have any kind of noise control removed.

Hong Kong City - In the Center

A square in between the buildings in the 'Center' - which is not in the center. Its just a name..

Hong Kong City - Bank of China Floodlight

During the 'symphony of lights'.

Hong Kong City - Bank of China

The Bank of China taxi rank at close of business.

Hong Kong City - Evening

Just next to the Bank of America tower and the entrance to the peak tram.

Hong Kong Skyline 2007

After some editing, the Hong Kong skyline looks just as it did when I shot it. An absolutely fantastic place to visit, this view makes the 14 hour trip worth it!

09 March 2008

Harbour at Night (HDR)


Experimental Zoom shot

Mosaik (HDR)

Stars (HDR)

Worth viewing full to see the stars.

HMS Warrior (HDR)

A fitting picture after returning to posting after a 6 month break.
I hope you enjoy this small selection.