28 July 2007

Night at the lakeside (HDR)

This image uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to bring out the details below the horizon. Three images taken at different exposure settings, layered and merged.


Weather closing in..

Evening in the lakes

13 June 2007

Night reflections

Couldn't resist visiting the boating lake again - it was a bit windy on arrival but after waiting a short while and getting some less than exciting shots, the wind died down and the lake turned into a plate of glass.

28 March 2007

Bruges 2

Bruges 1

Stunning architecture comes even more alive after dusk.

Paris 6

Paris 5

Paris 4

One of my favorite ever Christmas images - this was taken by resting the camera lens directly on the door glass. It worked well in the end, the shadows make the shot.

Paris 3

Paris 2

Paris 1